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Keyboard Maestro: Macros for Mac

For over a year now I have been trying various macro applications on my mac to automate some actions that I perform on a regular basis.  Some of the apps that I have uses are: AutoPilot, QuicKeys, and Keyboard Maestro.  While each of these apps have their own benefits, I will focus on QuicKeys and Keyboard Maestro, as these were the 2 apps that I liked the most.

When i was using QuicKeys, I noticed that it was more powerful than the version of Keyboard Maestro out at the time.  QuicKeys had some features that Keyboard Macro lacked, such as web interactions and the ability to create macros with decision points.  The decision steps in QuicKeys allows you to setup a macro to keep an eye out for a conditional (such as an error message) and perform an action if that conditional is met.  While this is a very powerful and useful feature, it was not something that was necessary for the actions I was automating. Continue reading Keyboard Maestro: Macros for Mac