For the past few years, I have basically just been a couch potato.  Sure sometimes I would go rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. but for the most part I sat around on the couch watching tv or playing video games.  Recently, I decided to take up running.  I have downloaded the C25K iPhone app (couch potato to 5k), which details a beginner’s running plan.  The one problem I have is that I like to keep the app open while running.  However, this makes it difficult to switch songs.

I looked around online and found a few jailbreak tweaks in the Cydia store that allow you to control the iPod playback using the volume buttons.  I tried one of them and it resulted in my springboard booting into safe mode.  I did end up finding a tweak that worked well, and that tweak is External iPod Controls.

Basically, with this tweak you can skip to the next song or skip to the previous song without ever leaving an app.  To do this, just hold down the volume button for a split second.  Holding the volume up button will skip forward, while holding the volume down button will skip backward.  In the preferences for the app you can even control the amount of time that it takes to hold a volume button before the song will change.

Also, with the newest release, you can double tap one of the volume buttons to pause/unpause the music.

If you prefer, instead of using the volume buttons to control the iPod you can use the volume buttons to switch apps using PhySwitch (see this post).

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