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Chrome: Unable to scroll while page loads (SOLVED!)

Solution: If you don’t wish to read the entire post, the solution I found was to disable Adblock+ in Chrome.

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Over the past few months I have gotten extremely frustrated with the fact that I am unable to scroll a page while any page loads (in the foreground or background, separate tabs, etc).  After all pages have loaded, scrolling works flawlessly.  However, not being able to scroll while a page loads is by far the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced when surfing the internet.

Well I spent quite a bit of time looking around online for solutions to the problem.  Google’s Q&A site suggested disabling some firewall functionality on Windows; being on Mac, this didn’t help me at all.  I finally decided to switch to a separate Chromium based web browser, SRWare Iron.  SRWare Iron gives you all the benefits of google’s Chrome browser, without the privacy concerns.  Some of the differences include the lack of an installation ID, does not provide search suggestions (search data not sent to google), etc.  For a full list of the differences, reference SRWare’s website. Continue reading Chrome: Unable to scroll while page loads (SOLVED!)

Creating Workspaces in Terminal

If you have read some of my other posts, you know that I like to have multiple terminal windows open whenever I am working.  This used to involve opening the Terminal app, and then opening multiple more windows.  Then I had to drag each window into the location that I wanted it to be at.  I later realized that I could have the Terminal app save my open windows as a Workspace, and could define a default workspace to be opened whenever Terminal is opened.

This is rather simple to do, and can be accomplished by following the steps below: Continue reading Creating Workspaces in Terminal

Keyboard Maestro: Macros for Mac

For over a year now I have been trying various macro applications on my mac to automate some actions that I perform on a regular basis.  Some of the apps that I have uses are: AutoPilot, QuicKeys, and Keyboard Maestro.  While each of these apps have their own benefits, I will focus on QuicKeys and Keyboard Maestro, as these were the 2 apps that I liked the most.

When i was using QuicKeys, I noticed that it was more powerful than the version of Keyboard Maestro out at the time.  QuicKeys had some features that Keyboard Macro lacked, such as web interactions and the ability to create macros with decision points.  The decision steps in QuicKeys allows you to setup a macro to keep an eye out for a conditional (such as an error message) and perform an action if that conditional is met.  While this is a very powerful and useful feature, it was not something that was necessary for the actions I was automating. Continue reading Keyboard Maestro: Macros for Mac