Monthly Archives: July 2012

Frustrations of a System Admin

There are times when I absolutely love being the admin for our group’s high performance computer.  But there are also times when I would rather clean toilets all day.  This post will hopefully explain a few of the things I hate about being an Admin.

  1. Debug Support:  I’m not your personal debugger.  I know nothing of the code that you are writing, and therefore I shouldn’t be expected to help you debug your model.  With that being said, I will usually help where I can.  But don’t just send me an email saying “My model won’t compile.  I need help”.  If you really want help, send me detailed information of the problem you are having.  Better yet, send me a copy of your source code.  If you give me little to no information, then expect little to no support. Continue reading Frustrations of a System Admin

How to make iOS Chrome even better

Prior to the recent release of the Google Chrome Web Browser for iOS, I was stuck using Safari.  It’s not that I don’t like mobile safari, I actually think it is an excellent browser.  But the problem is that I like having different options.  On my mac I have 5 browsers (Safari, Chrome, SRWare Iron, OmniWeb, and Firefox), and I use each one every week.  Each browser has its own benefits, and each has its own drawbacks. Continue reading How to make iOS Chrome even better