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Add Infiniband interface to ifconfig

We recently had an issue where we had to rebuild our RAID-6 array.  After rebuilding the array, our cluster did not automatically locate and mount our high-capacity storage array.  In order to fix this problem, we had to add a new interface configuration file to ifconfig by following the below steps:

1. As root on the server that will be connected to the high-capacity storage server

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ib0

Add the following to the file:


Of course your BROADCAST, IPADDR, and NETMASK will be different from those set here.
Some Notes:

  • The filename is ifcfg-ib0 for the configuration file for device ib0 (note these are zeros, not the letter o).
  • BROADCAST  is the broadcast IP address.
  • NETMASK is the netmask IP value
  • BOOTPROTO is the boot protocol, where the value is one of the following: (a) none – No boot-time protocol should be used, (b) dhcp – The dhcp protocol should be used, (c) static – static hard set the IP.
  • IPADDR is the IP address
  • ONBOOT specifies if the interface needs to be active on boot (values: yes or no)
  • TYPE is the interface type